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Dedicated server prices

Size CPU Memory Space Price per month
1 Unit Intel Xeon E3-1220 2 048 Mb 500х2 Gb RAID $87
1 Unit Intel Xeon E3-1220 4 096 Mb 500х2 Gb RAID $93
1 Unit Intel Xeon E3-1220 8 192 Mb 500х2 Gb RAID $100
1 Unit Intel Xeon E3-1220 16 384 Mb 500х2 Gb RAID $112
Benefits of our dedicated servers

Price includes:

  • Installing OS on the server.
  • Initial installation and configuration of the software.
  • Basic administration.
  • Broadband access to the Internet - 100 Mbit/s, unlimited traffic

Order for a dedicated server can be made by telephone: +7 (3822) 320-220

Dedicated server

If your project requires significant resources for work, we suggest you to use dedicated server. You can rent as a physical server (stand-alone computer which is connected with the Internet) and a virtual one which emulates completely all the work of a single physical server. The virtual server provides a complete and independent control and management, it also provides its usual physical server. The owner of this server can install any applications that work with files and perform any other tasks which possible on a single machine.

Dedicated server has a lot of advantages, is already installed and connected to our technology platform.

  • There is no initial investments in server which can be rather expensive and very quickly loses its value as any other computer equipment.
  • Technical maintenance, repairing and preventive maintenance. We are responsible for servers and if there is a need of repairing or replacement of any parts, we will make the work in the shortest terms. At time of the work the client will be given a replacement.
  • Ability to upgrade hardware (increasing of memory, hard drive replacement or complete platform change) depending on load from the hosted resources.