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VPS Hosting prices

Plan VPS 80 VPS 40 VPS 20 VPS 10 VPS 5
Space 80 Gb 40 Gb 20 Gb 10 Gb 5 Gb
Memory 4 096 Mb 2 048 Mb 1 024 Mb 512 Mb 256 Mb
CPU 2 600 MHz 1 700 MHz 1 100 MHz 700 MHz 400 MHz
Panel ISPmanager Lite or Pro
Traffic 1 Gbit/s, unlimited and free, Internet + Tomsk intranet
Test period n/a 7 дней
Price per month $31 $19.5 $12.5 $8 $5
Benefits of our VPS hosting

With VPS Hosting every clint gets domain .com as a gift.
Assistance with relocation, please contact technical support.

DNS servers - Primary. Tomsk, provider - Synterra - Secondary. Tomsk, provider - Tomline

Data Center

Equipment is placed in the data center, built in Tomsk by the standardized project with the level of disaster resistance Tier 3 according to the international classification.

  • 4-tier security system (protected area and entrance to the premises, system omissions, lockable reception, CCTV);
  • uninterruptible energy supply including redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and stand-by generator (rated at 750 + kw. Work without refueling for 10 hours) allowing data center systems to operate autonomously for 30 minutes;
  • climate control with conditioning and forced-air ventilation system by «N+1» («Necessary + 1 spare»);
  • system of smoke pollution and harmful gases air control;
  • gas fire extinguishing system with environmentally safe inert gas.

Monitoring of all data center systems is done locally (the output on the automated workplace of the duty shift) and remotely from a control center in Moscow. The subsystem of the collection, processing, storage and presentation of information is formed on the base of monitoring data.

Data center has a high degree of connectivity and total channel bandwidth of 40 Gbit/s that ensures a high level of redundancy and services availability.

VPS hosting parameters
  • ALT Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS
  • CERN
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • Domain .com for free
  • ISPmanager Lite control panel
  • DNS-server
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Internet + Tomsk intranet